Darwin Rocks!


Technical help

What is the best screen resolution for this site?
Darwinrocks.de is adjusted to 1280x1024.

I cannot watch the video. Why?
You might have not installed flash on your computer. Just check this site and update your computer with the latest version.

Why does the game not start?
Maybe Java is not installed on your computer. You can download Java here.

Help for the game
You find a short version of this help in the game in top right “help” menu.

How do I start?
Click button 1 in the lower left corner.

How can I rate the music?
Right click the tuneome you want to rate and choose one of the options. All tunes are neutral by default.

Which impact does the rating have?

Depending on your rating, the reproductive success of a tune increases or decreases relative to the neutral ones. You don’t have to rate each single tune.

Why does the rating fade out?
Ratings are inherited, but since tuneomes change through mutation and input from mating partners, they become weaker, turning neutral after 10 generations. If you re-rate a tune that fades out, it will get a new rating.

Can I rate more than one tune at a time?

Yes. Keep the shift key pressed and select the tunes you want. Then (while keeping shift pressed) right click on one of the selected tunes and choose one option. This option is applied to all selected tunes.

What do the different views show?

The first view shows a historical, rooted tree with the primordial tuneome at the left and the current generation at the right. Ancestors that represent an ancestor for current tunes are shown as well.

The second view shows you all recent parents. As long as reproduction is asexual there is no difference. But if you let the tuneomes reproduce sexually you will see which tuneomes produced common offspring – and how much cross-linking took place.

The third view sorts all tuneomes of the current generation for similarities in one trait. This can be the type of instruments, rhythm, tonality or duration. This simply makes it easier to find tunes with similar traits that you might like as well.

What is the panel at the top left?

This menu shows you some information about the chosen tuneome. Rhythm, instruments, tonality, and duration are displayed. For the musicians among you even the tones of the leading voice are displayed. If you click an icon, this trait is being shown in the tree.

Can I save tuneomes?

Yes, you can. Open the folder „files“ at the lower right and press the middle button (export the current tuneome”) to save it at the local disc. Soon there will be an online saving option as well.

How can I return?
Sorry, there is no way back, as there is none in evolution. If something went extinct one cannot bring it back just by a click. Think about that when a species goes extinction!

How can I transfer a tune to my mobile phone?

First you save it to your local disc. Dependent on your mobile there are several options. Here you can convert Midi to MP3, which most mobiles can play. Then transfer it by datawire, Bluetooth or WAP. For transferring it via WAP you can use this service.

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