Darwin Rocks!


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Let your favourite ringtone develop by evolution!
How it works? 

Start the game.

Then click the "1" in the down left corner.

Start the music with a double click at the notes.

Rate the music pieces with a right click.

After some generations
you will see what happens.
Try to get music you like best.

Good luck!
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Not only animals and plants, microorganisms and humans change during evolution. Something very different evolves too: Music!

In this game music develops from the musical primordial soup onwards. Due to random mutations each song sounds a bit different and each tune has offspring that sounds various. You decide which musical creature you like and thus you increase its chance of reproduction. The continuous process of listening and rating has a big impact on the direction of development. It will lead you to some very surprising results. This all happens although each single change is just accidental. This is the power of selection.

Natural mass extinctions and increased environmental stress can also influence the appearance of those little creatures. Still you will step forward to the goal of your ultimate song. It just might take a while...

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